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Catalog Description

In this course, students learn the agile project management framework with an emphasis on the scrum master and the product owner’s role. With organizational strategy as the foundation, students learn how to develop the project vision and the product roadmap, identify user roles, and write user stories. Additional topics include stakeholder identification, chartering, team development, release planning, value assignment, communication, quality, risk, and change management. Students learn by doing, using a group project for most activities. This course is appropriate for all MMIS students, and is oriented toward product owners, scrum masters, product managers, and project managers transitioning from traditional to agile project management. Students who bring agile experience to the course will have the opportunity to deepen their skills and practice agile facilitation techniques.

Course Outcomes

The broad goals in the course are three:

  1. Skill Building – Build confidence in each student’s ability to plan and complete projects and work with project stakeholders.
  2. Project Management Subject Matter Expertise – Be conversant with Agile project management and Scrum methodology.
  3. Collaboration – Develop a community of Agile practitioners who can serve as on-going resources for each other.

The student will have the opportunity to:

  • Plan and facilitate a real project related to software development.
  • Demonstrate competency in the creation of the roadmap and backlog.
  • Share best practices and tools related to Agile project management.

Grading (1000 pts)

4 Short Projects100 pts each40% of grade
8 Lynda Certifications25 pts each20% of grade
8 Discussions25 pts each20% of grade
1 Final Paper200 pts20% of grade


Scrum Project (2/19) 100 pts

XP Project (3/26) 100 pts

Lean Project (4/9) 100 pts

Kanban Project (4/23) 100 pts

Final Project (5/3) 200 pts

Required Textbooks

Learning Agile by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene (ISBN-13: 978-1-449-33192-4)

Course Schedule

Late Homework Policy

Homework is expected to be completed individually unless otherwise directed. Please turn in your work on
time for full credit. Points will be deducted for late work submitted. Exams and Quizzes cannot be turned in after their due dates without prior arrangement.

Late submissions – Assignments can be turned in after the due date. The following penalties will be applied:
• Past time due – 10%
• 24 hours past time due – 20%
• 48 hours past time due – 30%
• 72 hours past time due – 40%
• 1 Week or more past due – 50%

Lynda Videos

Agile Foundations
1h 35m
Doug Rose

Scrum: The Basics
Kelley O’Connell

Scrum: Advanced
1h 2m
Kelley O’Connell

Agile Software Development: Extreme Programming
1h 2m
Richard Kasperowski

Lean Foundations
1h 36m
Steven Brown

Stay Lean with Kanban
1h 2m
Doug Rose

Implementing Lean: A Case Study
1h 11m
Gemba Academy

Enterprise Agile Growing Scrum (LeSS)
Doug Rose