4214.0 Course Overview


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Semester: Spring 2017
Instructor: Dr. Bryan Marshall
Email: bryan.marshall@gcsu.edu
Time: 2:00 – 3:15 pm (CRN: 21238)
Time: 3:30 – 4:45 pm (CRN: 21436)
Location: ATK 309


Catalog Description

Prerequisite: CBIS 3210, CBIS 3214 and CBIS 4210. This course is a capstone course which helps the student integrate all concepts taught in the CBIS curriculum. The students will learn about, and employ, web based scripting languages to manage the creation and deployment of a web-based application. Content of the course is project based and stresses knowledge gained in the prerequisite classes.


Course Outcomes

Each student will:

  1. Understand HTML/CSS
  2. Understand JavaScript (jQuery / Bootstrap)
  3. Design a Web Application
  4. Use PHP/ MySQL to build the APP
  5. Work in a scrum team with version control


Required Textbook

The Joy of PHP: A Beginners Guide to Programming Interactive Web Applications with PHP and MySQL – by Alan Forbes


Optional Textbook

Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript with JQUERY, CSS & HTML5 – by Robin Nixon (4th Edition)

PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites by Larry Ullman (4th Edition)



A     900 – 1000 pts
B     800 – 899 pts
C     700 – 799 pts
D     600 – 699 pts
F     Less than 599


The class assignments and grades are managed on D2LALL OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE UPLOADED AND GRADED ON D2L!!!

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