4214.13 Wrapping It All Together

Steps to Building a Web Application

Step 1 – Design your site – build out your pages using Balsamiq.

Step 2 – Generate the HTML – create your html pages. Start building the forms using HTML5.

Step 3 – Create your database.

Step 4 – Convert your HTML pages to PHP

Step 5 – Convert your site to Bootstrap.

Step 6 – Setup an include structure for header, footer, and navigation.

Step 7 – Lock down your site with logins and session variables.  Video

Step 8 – Tie into your database so your “view” pages will work. Video

Step 9 – Open a detail page and update data.

Step 10 – Archive and delete data.

To see a perfect example so far – go to 4214/marshall — user bryan | pass bryan

Software you should be able to use:

What does it mean to get setup?

1. You need to decide if you are going to use PHPStorm or Dreamweaver.

2. You need to setup your software to speak with the server. You need to know where your LATEST version is. If it is on the server, then bring it down locally. If you have the LATEST version on your USB then push it out to the server.

3. Setup your software to work LOCALLY. If you are off campus and want to test, use a testing server. It is okay to not have a testing server on campus, since the connection is very fast.

4. If you are using a testing server off campus, be sure to keep your testing database and production database identical.


Other things to know:

What is the file structure / file extension? Video

What is a testing server?

Code Examples





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