4214.3 HTML I

Step 1. Read Chapter 4 in the textbook.

Step 2. What the YouTube HTML5 video.

Step 3. Go through the Lynda Course on Essential HMTL.

Step 4. Go through the Lynda Course on HTML5 forms.

Step 5. Build your entire application using HTML5.

To install LiveEdit as a plugin for your PHPStorm application follow this simple video:

What is the difference between HTML and HTML5?

Key Differences

  • Audio and video were not part of previous HTML version specifications, however, both are the integral part of HTML5 specifications.
  • Vector graphics is also an integral part of HTML5 such as SVG and canvas while vector graphics is possible in HTML with the help of various technologies such as VML, Silver-light, Flash, etc.
  • In HTML, browser cache can be used as temporary storage. In case of HTML5, application cache, web SQL database, and web storage is used.
  • HTML doesn’t allows JavaScript to run in web browser, it runs in same thread as browser interface. HTML5 allows JavaScript to run in background that is possible because of JS Web worker API in HTML5.
  • HTML works smoothly with all old browsers while most of the modern web browsers have started supporting HTML5 specifications. These browsers include: Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.


HTML Basics – Resources


Lynda Course (Required) – https://www.lynda.com/HTML-tutorials/HTML-Essential-Training/170427-2.html?org=gcsu.edu

Lynda Course (Required) – https://www.lynda.com/HTML-5-tutorials/HTML5-Web-Forms-in-Depth/80852-2.html?org=gcsu.edu

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