4214.9 WAMP


These are local server options to run on your desktop so you can test your server side code locally.

You can also use this software to run databases.

XAMPP is the Recommended Choice


Setting Up a Testing Server in Dreamweaver

Step 1. Open Dreamweaver and configure your local site. After you have installed XAMPP, make sure you create a new folder in C:/xampp/htdocs/newsite

Step 2. In Dreamweaver go into Sites –> Manage Sites and create a new site.

Step 3. Locally, point to the xampp directory you created in Step 1.

Step 4. Now set up your remote server. This is your server on econ1.gcsu.edu. Make sure you use Port 22 (SSH) and you will need to be on campus to push anything to the server.

Step 5. Now set up your testing server. In the servers section of Manage Sites, add a new “local” server. Use the xampp folder path for the directory. Use “http://localhost/newsite” for the URL.

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