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Do the CR in CRUD (Create and Read)
Week 3 Assignment – Due 2/6/2024 – Beginning of Class
75 points

Assignment 4 is a pivotal step in enhancing your Python application by integrating the SQLite3 database you designed in the previous assignment. In this phase, you will focus on implementing the ‘Create’ and ‘Read’ functionalities (CR) of your application, allowing it to interact with the SQLite3 database. This integration will enable your application to store new data and retrieve existing data from the database, a fundamental aspect of dynamic applications.

  • Develop an understanding of how to integrate a SQLite3 database with a Python application.
  • Implement ‘Create’ (add new data) and ‘Read’ (retrieve existing data) functionalities in your application.
  • Ensure seamless interaction between the Tkinter application and the SQLite3 database.

  1. Updated Tkinter Application with CR Functionalities
    • Description: Modify your existing Tkinter application to include ‘Create’ and ‘Read’ functionalities using the SQLite3 database. This should allow users to add new data to the database and retrieve/view existing data.
    • Requirements: The application should maintain its core functionalities while incorporating the new database interactions. All code should be well-organized, commented, and free from bugs.
  2. Database Interaction Demonstration
    • Description: Prepare a demonstration showcasing the ‘Create’ and ‘Read’ functionalities of your application. Highlight how the application interacts with the SQLite3 database to perform these operations.
    • Duration: 5-10 minutes per group.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Submit the updated source code files to your group GitHub for the Tkinter application with the CR functionalities. Put your GitHub link into GeorgiaView.
  • Include the SQLite3 database file (.db) even if there were no updates.

Evaluation Criteria (75 points):
  • Functionality and efficiency of the ‘Create’ and ‘Read’ operations within the application.
  • Quality of integration between the Tkinter application and the SQLite3 database.
  • Effectiveness of the database interaction demonstration.