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A7: Digital Ocean

New Flask App
Week 7 Assignment – Due 2/27/2024 – Beginning of Class
50 points

Assignment 7 marks the beginning of a significant transition for your Python project, from a Tkinter-based desktop application to a web-based application using Flask and Bootstrap. Flask, a lightweight and flexible web framework, will be used to create the web application, while Bootstrap, a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework, will be employed to design its user interface. This assignment focuses on setting up the basic Flask framework and developing a new look and feel for your application using Bootstrap, laying the foundation for a modern, responsive web application.

  • Set up a basic Flask web application framework.
  • Understand and apply Bootstrap for designing a responsive and attractive web interface.
  • Transition the core functionalities of your Tkinter application into a web-based format.

  1. Basic Flask Web Application Setup
    • Description: Create a new Flask application, setting up the necessary environment and basic structure. This setup should include the initial routing and a simple home page.
    • Requirements: The Flask app should be correctly configured and runnable, serving a basic home page.
  2. Bootstrap-Enhanced Web Interface
    • Description: Design the initial web interface using Bootstrap. Focus on creating a layout that is visually appealing and user-friendly, considering the functionalities of your previous Tkinter application.
    • Requirements: The interface should be responsive, making use of Bootstrap components and grid system. It should reflect a new look and feel, differentiating it from the Tkinter interface.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Submit the source code for the Flask application, including all HTML, CSS, and Python files.
  • Ensure all submissions are clearly labeled and organized.

Evaluation Criteria (50 points):
  • Successful setup and configuration of the Flask web application.
  • Quality and responsiveness of the Bootstrap-enhanced web interface.
  • Clarity and feasibility of the transition plan, demonstrating thoughtful planning and understanding of the web development process.