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A9: Navigation

Navigation and Flask Pages with Routes
Week 9 Assignment – Due 3/12/2024 – Beginning of Class
50 points

Assignment 9 focuses on expanding the functionality of your Flask web application by creating multiple pages and implementing effective navigation between them. This step is crucial in building a comprehensive and user-friendly web application. You will design and develop various pages that correspond to the different functionalities of your application, and ensure seamless navigation using Flask’s routing capabilities. This assignment will enhance your skills in web development, particularly in creating multi-page applications with intuitive user interfaces.

  • Design and develop multiple web pages for the Flask application, each serving different functionalities or displaying different content.
  • Implement efficient and user-friendly navigation between these pages using Flask’s routing system.
  • Apply HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to ensure that all pages are visually consistent and responsive.

  1. Multiple Web Pages for Flask Application
    • Description: Create various pages for your Flask application. These might include a home page, data entry page, data viewing page, about page, etc., depending on your application’s requirements.
    • Requirements: Each page should be functionally relevant and well-designed, with a consistent look and feel. The content should be neatly organized and presented.
  2. Navigation System Implementation
    • Description: Develop a navigation system that allows users to easily move between the different pages of your application. This can include navigation bars, menus, or links.
    • Requirements: Navigation should be intuitive and consistent across all pages. Ensure that the links are correctly routed and functional.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Submit the updated source code for the Flask application, including all HTML, CSS, and Python files related to the new pages and navigation system.
  • Ensure all submissions are clearly labeled and organized.

Evaluation Criteria (50 points):
  • Quality and functionality of the web pages developed for the application.
  • Efficiency and user-friendliness of the navigation system.