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  • Repetition – getting started
  • Install Gunicorn web server
  • Create a New “Inclass” Site on Render
  • Send out to GitHub
  • Push and Test on Render

Step 1. Repetition. There is no better way to learn things than repetition. Go through the steps from Assignment 2 and start a new project. This will be the last time for awhile we do this. You will do it one last time at the end of the class for the final project. Make sure you name the project your last name and ‘inclass’ (ie. marshall_inclass). Remember no spaces or capitalization.

Step 2. We are going to be using an online software company called Render to host our web applications. In order to do this we need to tell them which web server to install. So we need to install gunicorn into our package and include it in our freeze requirements list.

pip install gunicorn
pip freeze > requirements.txt

Step 3. First, you should sign up for Render ( Then connect your account to your GitHub account.

Then create a new web service. Name the app inclass-yourlastname

Step 4. Push your install up to GitHub repository. Anytime you commit to your connected GitHub account, it should start a fresh build on Render. If you need to you can go into Render and click the “Manual Deploy” blue button and select deploy latest commit.

Step 5. Make sure you commit your latest code to GitHub and check that it is brought over to Render before you submit your assignment. Turn in your URL to your working Render server and share your GitHub repository with bamarshall06. Turn that link in also.