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Build a Python Flask project for managing cryptocurrencies, inspired by the in-class assignment. The project should feature a secure login system for users to access the application. Users should be able to add, modify, or delete cryptocurrency tickers, as well as assign them to a specific class that they can define themselves. Additionally, the application should allow users to track transactions involving cryptocurrencies, recording the date, price, and quantity for each trade.

To enable real-time price updates for each cryptocurrency, integrate the Yahoo API into the project. This integration will enable the application to store and display current cryptocurrency prices, which should be updated in real-time and stored in the crypto ticker table.

Ensure that the project follows established coding conventions and is well-documented for easy maintainability.

Ensure that the tables are properly normalized, and appropriate relationships are established between them. Implement the database schema using Flask’s framework to simplify the interaction with the database.

Turn In

Submit your final project by uploading the code to GitHub and ensuring that it is successfully deployed on Render. Verify that the project is functioning correctly on Render before submitting it.

Once the project is ready, provide the URLs for both the Render deployment and GitHub repository to complete the submission.