Introduction to Ecommerce Course

Welcome to CBIS 4215 – Ecommerce for the Entrepreneur. This course guide is specifically designed for this course during the 2019 Summer 8 week term.

My name is Bryan Marshall. I have been at Georgia College for about 12 years. I typically teach computer programming and other information technology courses. When I was in graduate school, my wife started selling online. Her degrees are in Marketing and Economics. She started very small. As a stay at home mom, she has slowly built her company into quite a moneymaker. 

After a couple of years of struggling, she asked me for some IT help. That is when was founded. Together we built into a top 20 online quilt store. At one point she had 10 employees and a giant warehouse. She has sales well into the millions. A couple of years ago she decided to scale back to just her. We got rid of the warehouse and now work closely with Amazon to help with the warehousing and shipping.

There are some great benefits for having your own ecommerce store. The financial freedom and tax benefits are countless. There are also lots of stresses. Throughout this course, we will be going over some of the very basics of e-commerce.

Teaching Style

I am a firm believer in learning through practice. Throughout this summer you will be going through a series of 5 hands-on projects. These projects will walk you through and show you how hard it is to actually own a store.

How To Do Well In This Course

During the next couple months, you will be studying what it takes to do business on the web. We will try to look at all facets of e-commerce, from content building to driving traffic to your site. We will look at cost structures and how to source products. The main focus of this course will be small business entrepreneurship, however, these principles can and will transfer to any size company.

Do I Have To Start A New Business In This Course

No, it helps to have a good hobby or something you are good at. We will talk about different industries in this course and help come up with some ideas. Some students already have companies they want to work with. Others start a new company and keep working it after the course.  Some students even work out some ideas for friends and relatives. Again, the ideas we discuss in this class are relevant to all types of businesses.

Web Hosting

You are going to need a web hosting solution for this course. A web host is a cloud-based solution that stores web pages and images on the internet where others can access it. In order to create a new company, we will be using some open-source (free) software for our ecommerce company. The software is called WordPress.  In order to complete these projects, you will need to purchase a web host package. Georgia College just so happens to sell these packages.

For only $9.99, you will get a web hosting package that will be able to host your web store for the entire summer. There are three options based on the length of time you need. If you only need the hosting for this summer, choose the one-semester package.

Make sure you sign up for the package by going to GC-CODEC.COM


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Getting Started

Each week make sure you stay up on what is to be finished. Watch the Lynda videos and take good notes. The content from the videos will be on the exams. Each assignment has a rubric associated with it. The rubric breaks down the points of the assignment and tells you what to focus on. This course guide is a great way to keep track of what is going on during the course.

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