6295.0 Course Overview




Semester: Spring 2017
Instructor: Dr. Bryan Marshall
Email: bryan.marshall@gcsu.edu
Time: Online
Time: 5:30 – 8:15 pm – as scheduled
Location: Online


Catalog Description

Issues involved in the management of the telecommunications function. Overview of communications technology used in various business applications including local area networks, wide area networks, broadband networks, wireless networks, and Internet technologies and protocols. This course analyzes the strategic impact of these technologies on organizations and conducts strategic planning for telecommunications, including network planning and analysis.


Course Outcomes

This course is twofold. First, students should get an in-depth grasp of networking technology and IT infrastructure. Second we will be discussing issues that may involve management.


Required Textbook

Testout Network Pro – English 4.1x

“Students can purchase LabSim direct at $102 per title by visiting www.labsimonline.com and entering promotion code 14-232TA (bottom right of main page). They then select the titles they want and in the shopping cart will be required to enter their instructor’s name (Marshall, Bryan) and the school name will be required to be entered exactly as Georgia College & State University. They can then proceed to purchase LabSim through the shopping cart and will then receive instructions to gain access immediately online.”



A     90% – 100%
B     80% – 89%
C     70% – 79%
D     60% – 69%
F     Less than 60%

Labs (90) – 450 points (5 x 90)
Quizzes (87) – 435 points (5 x 87)
Packet Tracer (3) – 150 points (3 x 50)
Final Exam (1) – 200 points



The class assignments and grades are managed on D2LALL OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE UPLOADED AND GRADED ON D2L!!!


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