6295.01 Course Overview

Semester: Fall 2019
Course Title: MMIS 6295 – IT Infrastructure
Instructor: Bryan Marshall
Email: bryan.marshall@gcsu.edu
Student Hours: by appointment

Course Description
Issues involved in the management of the telecommunications function. Overview of communications technology used in various business applications including local area networks, wide area networks, broadband networks, wireless networks, and Internet technologies and protocols. This course analyzes the strategic impact of these technologies on organizations and conducts strategic planning for telecommunications, including network planning and analysis.

Grading (1000 pts)
A 900 – 1000 pts
B 800 – 899 pts
C 700 – 799 pts
D 600 – 699 pts
F Less than 599

Testout Labs (88 * 4) 352 points (35% of grade)
Testout Quizzes (82 * 4) 328 points (33% of grade)
Packet Tracer Assignment 100 points (10% of grade)
AWS Assignment 100 points (10% of grade)
Final Exam 120 points (12% of grade)

Required Textbooks
Testout Network Pro – English 5.0.7 (use 14-232TA) to get the student discount. The price should be $129. Make sure you but “Georgia College & State University” and “Marshall, Bryan” as the instructor, if they still ask these questions.

Testout Labs and Quizzes Grading
• You can take the labs as many times as you wish. These labs are pass/fail. If you get 100% you get a pass.
• You can attempt each quiz three (3) times. I will take the average of the three.

Final Exam
You will be completing the Network Pro Certification Exam. This exam is found in LabSim. If you pass the Network Pro Certification (by LabSim) you will get 100% on the final exam otherwise, you get the % of the test grade. I need to schedule the final exam for you. If you fail and wish to retake, there will be a fee of $39.00 that TestOut will charge you. You are only allowed 2 opportunities so make them count!

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