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Assignment 4: Normalization

Step 1. Start by watching this short video.

You may also find this website useful.

Use Lucid Chart for both parts of this assignment.

Part 1. Normalize the IT Department database you created in Assignment 2.

Part 2. Create and normalize a new financial database based on the excel spreadsheet below. (Hint: there are at least 4 tables)

The definitions or functionality of each column is listed here:

  • Date – this the date of the transaction
  • Account – this is the account where the transaction took place (ie. Wells Fargo, TIAA)
  • Asset Class – this is the type of asset the ticker is. It could be a stock, bond, crypto…
  • Ticker – this is what you purchase, like MFST is Microsoft stock.
  • Transaction Type – this defines the type of transaction, it could be a buy, sell, fee or dividend. There may be other transaction types, but those are the most common.
  • Price – this is the price paid when purchased the ticker.
  • Shares – this is the quantity of shares purchased.
  • Total Costs – this is price x shares
  • Stock Price – I defined this as the current stock price, what it is right now. This price changes, but technically we can update this price with a simple update
  • Current Value – you may not need this in the database since you can have the application you build calculate it off the other fields.
  • Gain / Loss – just like current value, this could be a calculated field that you may not need to store in the database.

Turn in. Take screenshots of both normalized databases and submit them to GeorgiaView Assignment 4.