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Week 9: Notebook 4 - Chapters 13 - 14

Date: March 4 – 10


This segment of the course delves into chapters 13 and 14 of “Database Design 2e” by Adrienne Watt and Nelson Eng, with a focus on individual comprehension and reflection, documented through digital notebooks.


Your primary task is to create a detailed notebook in Microsoft OneNote, integrating insights from ChatGPT, focused on the specified textbook chapters. The notebook should primarily consist of reflective analysis based on your personal understanding and insights from the chapters.

Specific Requirements

  1. Notebook Creation:
    • Set up a section in OneNote for each chapter (13 and 14).
    • Focus on self-reflection for each chapter by addressing the following questions:
      • What did you find most interesting in the chapter?
      • What new information or perspectives did you learn?
      • What is the most critical concept in the chapter and why?
    • Include definitions, diagrams, and any relevant supplementary information that supports your reflection.
  2. ChatGPT Interaction:
    • I want you to go at least three levels deep in your ChatGPT queries. Do a different chat for each chapter. Include a link to your chat at the top of your OneNote notebook for that chapter. I will be grading your interaction with ChatGPT.


This assignment aims to deepen your understanding of database design through reflective learning. It encourages active engagement with the course material and the effective use of digital tools, fostering a comprehensive and personal learning experience.

Notebook Submission

Simply ensure all your work is updated in the designated OneNote class notebook. Instructors have access to this class notebook and will review your work there. There is no need to submit anything through GeorgiaView.

Rubric for Notebook 4: Chapters 13 – 14

Evaluation will be based on:
  • Content Quality: Depth and insightfulness of your reflections.
  • Presentation and Organization: Clarity and structure of the notebook.
  • Integration of ChatGPT Insights: Effectiveness in incorporating ChatGPT interactions to support your reflections.