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Week 13 - Conference II

Date: April 2 – 7

This week, your task will be to critically evaluate your peers’ video presentations. It’s important to dedicate sufficient time to thoroughly review all of the submissions, as this process contributes significantly to our course’s collaborative learning environment. After viewing, you are to select your top seven favorite videos and rank them from 1 to 7, with 7 being the highest or best. This exercise not only aids in peer feedback but also helps you gain insights from your classmates’ work. Your thoughtful evaluation and rankings are greatly appreciated and integral to our course’s success.

Please keep in mind that we are choosing our top 10 videos to represent our institution in a competition against the Huntsman College of Business at Utah State University, a Carnegie Level Doctoral Institution renowned for its robust MIS program. This fact elevates the importance of your evaluations—your selections play a crucial role in our collective presentation at this prestigious event. It’s imperative that we highlight our exceptional talent and dedication by selecting the most remarkable presentations.