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Assignment 1: Writing a Problem Statement

Step 1. Start by identifying other problem statements. Think about what goes into a problem statement. Where is the problem statement in a research paper? Do all papers have to have an actual problem statement? What is the difference between a problem statement and the “purpose” of the paper? What does the book say about problem statements?

Step 2: As a team identify the problem statement in the following articles?

Step 3: As a team write a rough draft of your problem / purpose statement. You may need to adjust this in the future but for now let’s get a rough idea of your research. Your problem statement should guide your research.

Step 4: Have one of your team members submit your ideas to Assignment 1 on GeorgiaView. Make sure both names are on the paper and that it is submitted as a PDF. The paper should not exceed 1 page. Feel free to add references.