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Assignment 3: Literature Review

Step 1. Start by watching this interesting video (I put the speed on 1.5x) :

Step 2. Then watch this video:

Step 3. This is not going to be a systematic review, this is just a literature review. Come up with about 10 – 15 article around your topic. Organize them into a literature review.

If I were writing about shipping tea exports to China, I would find 5 articles on tea (the value and such) and around 5 articles on exporting goods, and another 5 on China exports. I am trying to build a case (much like a lawyer) for why this subject needs to be researched.

Step 4. Find your example literature reviews. For this step, look at similar types of articles and analyze their literature reviews. This is an important step, since you will want to mimic their literature review style. Focus on the narrative style and citation style.

Step 5. Write, write, write. I am not sure how long this is supposed to be. You will know it when you see it. Submit your literature review to the GeorgiaView. This literature review should show you are now an expert of sorts of this topic area.