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Assignment 4: Survey Development

Typically when we create surveys we are using known constructs that already have validity. Sometimes researchers will create their own surveys if they are just answers basic questions. Both of these projects are going to be basic surveys where we will be creating our own survey constructs.

Surveys need to be long enough to get the information you need but short enough not to lose the participants attention.

You really should have your survey completed in the first week, so you can submit it to the IRB for approval.

Step 1. Write a rough draft of your survey questions. Use notepad or Microsoft Word to create your rough draft. Work with your team member and submit your rough draft to Dr. Marshall.

Step 2. Adjust your survey questions as needed.

Step 3. With the help from Dr. Cardon, revise your survey questions and get the survey questions put into the Survey Monkey software.

Step 4. Submit your proposal to the Georgia College IRB committee.

Step 5. To turn this project in, you will upload a link to your final survey to GeorgiaView.