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Analyzing Your Results


Textbook Chapters:

  • Chapter 6
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Step 1. Go through the resources.

Step 2. Download and install the SPSS software. You can get it from GC Software link on the website.

Step 3. Research questions in an academic paper are the central questions that guide the research and investigation of a particular topic. They are typically formed at the beginning of a research project and are used to frame the purpose and scope of the study. Research questions help to focus the research and provide a clear direction for the investigation.

Research questions can take different forms, depending on the type of research being conducted. For example, in qualitative research, research questions may be more open-ended and exploratory, while in quantitative research, they may be more specific and focused on testing hypotheses.

Some examples of research questions are:

  • What are the factors that contribute to job satisfaction among employees in a particular industry?
  • How does parental involvement in a child’s education affect their academic performance?
  • What is the relationship between social media use and mental health in adolescents?
  • How effective are different methods of teaching mathematics in improving student learning outcomes?
  • What is the impact of climate change on the migration patterns of animals in a particular region?

Research questions should be well-defined, specific, and relevant to the research topic. They should also be answerable through the collection and analysis of data, and should be framed in a way that allows for the development of clear and concise research objectives.

The research questions come before the survey results in your paper. They questions should be based on the survey questions (technically it should be the other way around).

Step 4. Analyze your data and report your results. This is where you start writing. You should be looking at your research questions and see how your data can help you come to some conclusions.

Step 5. When you are finished writing this portion of the paper submit your entire paper up to this point to GeorgiaView. Please submit as a PDF.

You will be writing this section of your paper. Look for example papers on how to write this portion. You can meet with Professor Fowler to get some insights into your analysis.