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Visit the writing center with your paper and collaborate with their team to enhance your writing. Craft a brief account of your writing center visit detailing the adjustments made to your paper. Share your opinion on the writing center team’s assistance, highlighting any valuable suggestions they provided.

  1. What specific changes did the writing center team suggest to improve your paper?
  2. How did the writing center team approach the editing process and work with you to improve your writing?
  3. Did you have any concerns or questions about your paper that the writing center team helped address?
  4. Were there any areas of your writing that the writing center team praised or complimented?
  5. In what ways did the writing center team challenge you to think differently about your writing and how did this impact your final product?
  6. How will you apply the feedback and suggestions from the writing center team in your future writing assignments?

Turn In

For this project write up your summary of your visit in Microsoft Word and save as a PDF. Upload the PDF to GeorgiaView.