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For this assignment you will be reviewing the other teams paper.

Here are some things that a paper reviewer might look for when evaluating a paper:

  1. Originality: Is the paper’s topic and research question original and innovative? Does it add new insights or knowledge to the field?
  2. Clarity and coherence: Is the paper well-organized, with clear and coherent structure, arguments, and conclusions? Is the language clear, concise, and appropriate for the intended audience?
  3. Methodology: Is the methodology used in the paper appropriate for the research question? Is the methodology clearly explained and justified, and are the data and analysis methods sound?
  4. Significance: Does the paper have practical or theoretical significance for the field or the broader academic community? Does it address important issues or challenges?
  5. Evidence and data: Does the paper use adequate and appropriate evidence and data to support its arguments and conclusions? Are the sources reliable and well-cited?
  6. Contribution: Does the paper contribute to the ongoing debates, discussions, or research in the field? Does it offer new perspectives, insights, or recommendations?
  7. Technical aspects: Is the paper formatted and presented according to the conference guidelines? Are the references and citations accurate and complete?

These are some of the main aspects that a conference paper reviewer might consider when evaluating a paper. The specific criteria and priorities may vary depending on the conference, the discipline, and the reviewer’s expertise and interests.

Turn In

Once you have completed the review of the other team’s paper, compile your recommendations and suggestions in a Word document, convert it to PDF, and upload it to GeorgiaView. Additionally, send your recommendations to the other team via email. This task is to be done individually, with two reviewers assigned to each paper.