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A11: Flask crUD

Taking the UD in CRUD (Update and Delete) to FLASK
Week 12 Assignment – Due 4/2/2024 – Beginning of Class
50 points

Assignment 11 advances the development of your Flask web application by implementing the ‘Update’ and ‘Delete’ functionalities (UD) of the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations. This stage is crucial for enabling full data management capabilities within your web application. You will create interfaces and server-side logic to allow users to modify (Update) and remove (Delete) existing data in the MySQL database. This assignment enhances the application’s interactivity and provides a complete user experience in managing data.

  • Implement the ‘Update’ functionality to allow users to modify existing data in the database through the web interface.
  • Implement the ‘Delete’ functionality to enable users to remove data from the database via the web application.
  • Ensure that these functionalities are integrated seamlessly with the existing web interface and backend systems.

  1. Web Implementation of ‘Update’ Functionality
    • Description: Develop features in your Flask application that allow users to select and modify existing data records. This typically involves creating forms pre-populated with existing data and handling the update requests on the server side.
    • Requirements: The update process should be intuitive and user-friendly. Ensure that the application correctly processes and updates data in the MySQL database.
  2. Web Implementation of ‘Delete’ Functionality
    • Description: Create functionality in your Flask application for users to delete data records. This may include delete buttons or links in data views, with corresponding server-side handling of delete requests.
    • Requirements: The delete operation should be straightforward and secure, with appropriate confirmations or safeguards to prevent accidental data loss.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Submit the updated source code for the Flask application, including all relevant HTML, CSS, Python files, and database scripts.

Evaluation Criteria (50 points):
  • Effective and user-friendly implementation of the ‘Update’ and ‘Delete’ functionalities in the web application.
  • Correct and efficient interaction with the MySQL database during these operations.