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A12: Enhancements

Making Upgrades to our FLASK App
Week 13 Assignment – Due 4/9/2024 – Beginning of Class
50 points

Assignment 12 is designed as a refinement and enhancement phase for your Flask web application. This assignment provides an opportunity to elevate your project by addressing feedback, improving functionality, optimizing performance, and enhancing the overall user experience. It’s a chance to apply the insights gained throughout the course and creatively expand or polish your application. This stage is crucial for turning a functional project into an exceptional one, showcasing your full range of skills and understanding in web development.

  • Critically evaluate the current state of your web application and identify areas for improvement.
  • Implement enhancements in terms of functionality, design, user experience, and performance.
  • Apply best practices in web development to ensure a professional and polished final product.

  1. Enhanced Flask Web Application
    • Description: Apply improvements to your Flask application based on previous assignments’ feedback, user testing, or new ideas. This may include adding new features, redesigning user interfaces, optimizing code, or improving database interactions.
    • Requirements: The enhancements should contribute to a more robust, efficient, and user-friendly application. All changes should be well-integrated and thoroughly tested.
  2. Final Project Presentation
    • Description: Prepare a comprehensive presentation of your enhanced web application. This should include a demonstration of the new features or improvements, a walkthrough of the key aspects of your application, and a reflection on the development process.
    • Duration: 10-15 minutes per group.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Submit the final version of the Flask application source code, including all related files and documentation of any new features or enhancements.
  • Prepare for the final project presentation, ensuring it is comprehensive and effectively showcases your application.

Evaluation Criteria (50 points):
  • Quality and impact of the enhancements made to the application, including functionality, design, user experience, and performance optimizations.
  • Effectiveness of the final project presentation, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the application and its features.