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AWS2: Setting Up AWS

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    For this exercise, you will be creating a new server on the Amazon cloud. You will need a credit card, although if you do this correctly, it should be free. Amazon gives you 750 hours of server time each month for the first 12 months. You can delete your server after your final project has been graded.

    Today we will be going over AWS. We will be creating a new web server.

    1. Create a new account on Amazon Web Services
    2. Create a new instance – remember to download your key pair.
    3. Convert your .pem to a .ppk using PuttyGen.
    4. Update your firewall in the AWS console to include port 80 http.
    5. Install a web server (apache).

    Detailed instructions – AWS Exercise

    Step 1. Go to

    Step 2. Go to management console

    Step 3. Find EC2

    Step 4. Launch an Instance

    Step 5. Pick free tier Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS

    Step 6. Select the version you want and “Review and Launch”

    Step 7. Launch – when asked, create a new key pair.

    Step 8. Make the .pem a .ppk using PuTTYgen. (instructions)

    Step 9. Using the public IP address putty into your server (instructions) – your username for the ubuntu box is ubuntu.

    Step 10. Make sure you update your repositories and upgrade to the latest software – sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade

    Step 11. Install the linux webserver Apache – sudo apt-get install apache2

    Step 12. Make sure you firewall allows for port 80 ‘http’ request to come in.

    Step 13. Go to your new website by typing in your public IP.