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AWS7: WordPress Installation

    What do you need to have installed on your system to get WordPress up and running? Remember, WordPress is just a website.



    There is an easy program you can use to transfer files over to AWS. You do not need a password for AWS. Put your Public IP in the host spot and “ubuntu” in the user name spot.

    Click on Advanced and then Authentication to add your ppk file, just like with PuTTY.

    So, if I were going to install WordPress, I would download and unzip the WordPress file. Then I would use a program like WinSCP to move the files over to my server in the right folder (I would make sure that I moved the files inside the WordPress folder so that it becomes the root URL with /wordpress on the end). I may also want to check the user permission on the /html folder. If root owns it, I would probably want to change that to ubuntu so I can upload to it.

    Packages I would install would include apache2, php, libapache2-mod-php, mysql-server, phpmyadmin. I would make sure I remember the new root user password to my MySQL server.

    I would want to go into my database and create a new user and a database associated with that user for my new WordPress install.