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MMIS 6391 – Python Program Development

This introductory graduate-level Python course is designed to equip students with the fundamental programming skills required for data analysis, scientific computing, and software development. Whether you are new to programming or seeking to expand your expertise, this course will provide a solid foundation in Python, a versatile and widely-used programming language.

CBIS 4210 – Business Application Development

This introductory Python course provides college students with a solid foundation in programming concepts and computational problem-solving using Python. Emphasizing hands-on coding exercises, students will learn Python syntax, data types, control structures, and functions, developing practical problem-solving skills for real-world applications.

CBIS 4218 – Advanced Networking

Welcome to our comprehensive course on Advanced Network Switches and Routers. Throughout this course, students will gain exposure to cutting-edge network switches and routers, enabling them to delve into the realm of advanced networking techniques. By engaging in hands-on, real-world labs, students will have the opportunity to design and implement intricate networking solutions, honing their practical skills.