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CBIS 2220 – Principles of Information Systems

    • Semester: Summer
    • Year: 2023
    • Course Title: Principles of Information Systems
    • Course #: CBIS 2220
    • Instructor: Dr. Bryan Marshall
    • Office: ATK 306
    • E-Mail:
    • Office Hours: Online (email)
    • Class Time: Online 
    • Classroom: Online

    Catalog Description

    Prerequisite: CSCI 1000 or CBIS 1000. The course covers the principles of the management of information systems and technology to improve business processes and decision making to gain competitive advantage. Topics include the study, design, development, implementation, management, support of computer-based systems, data communications, and information security.

    The field of Information Systems (IS) is an exciting discipline that is integral to all business activities. This course is designed to introduce students to IS and examine how these powerful systems have fundamentally reshaped modern organizations, as well as our society.

    Course Objectives

    Students should be able to:

    1. Describe the role of information systems in organizations

    2. Identify how information systems are used across and within organizations for competitive advantage

    3. Understand basic computer hardware and software knowledge including basic server/client relationship and how that relates to the Internet

    4. Create solutions to various organizational problems through the design and/or implementation of software

    5. Describe information security techniques

    6. Identify ethical considerations when working with information systems in an organization

    Required Text

    TestOut IT Fundamentals Pro (English 2.1) ISBN – 978-1-935080-70-1

    Grading (1000 possible points)

    Chapter Labs (105 x 4.76) 500 points (Pass or Fail)

    Chapter Quizzes (57 x 7.02) 400 points (3 attempts averaged grade)

    Cumulative Final 100 points


    The class is available on GaView at . Students are held responsible for class information contained in GaView.