CBIS 4215 – Ecommerce

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Project Overview

I am a firm believer that in order to truly understand what it takes in the competitive world of e-commerce you must get your feet wet. Watch this short video to truly understand my teaching style.

A little a bit about my background in e-commerce. I have owned an e-commerce store for over 12 years, SouthernFabric.com. We are an online quilt shop. Our sales at Southern Fabric are well into the millions. My wife and I built Southern Fabric from scratch. At one point my wife had 10 employees and a giant warehouse. A couple years ago she decided to scale back to just her. We got rid of the warehouse and now work closely with Amazon to help with the warehousing and shipping.

There are some great benefits for having your own e-commerce store. The financial freedom and tax benefits are countless. There are also lots of stresses. Throughout this course, we will be going over some of the very basics of e-commerce.

Project 1: WordPress Installation – For this assignment, you will be creating a new e-commerce store. Start by setting up your WordPress site. You will need to come up with a product and company name to go along with the product. You will not be adding your products in this project, we do that in project 3. Typical stores that do well are 1) items that help someone with their hobby (ie crafts, fishing, sports, fitness equipment) or 2) items that help things they love (ie pet supplies, pet clothes, jewellery).  Try to pick something you have an interest or expertise in.

Project 2: Content – For this assignment, you will be building content for the site. Content is key to e-commerce. If you choose a pet supply company, then you would build content around that topic. This content is not a product to sell, but valuable information that potential customers might be looking for that would drive them to your site. If you choose a fitness supplement company, you could come up with the top 10 exercises to do to get the perfect summer body.

Project 3: WooCommerce – For this assignment, you will be setting up WooCommerce and adding product. Lots of product. You will be finding great pictures and descriptions and building out your e-commerce store. You will need 3 product categories, with 8 products in each. At Southern Fabric we sell thousands of products. I understand how hard it is to list and get the products just right. This is a very imporant project.

Project 4: SEO – For this assignment, you will be working on the search engine optimization for both your content (project 2) and your product (project 3). You will be working with Google to increase your visibility.

Project 5: Social Networking – This last assignment is pretty fun. You will be creating 5 different social networking sites and adding your content you created in Project 2 to those sites.



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