Media Players

FooBar2000 Media Player

FooBar 2000 – this product is perfect for playing music without all the extra crap from iTunes.





VLC PlayerVLC Media Player – simply the best multi-format video media player. VLC can also rip DVDs to MP4.





Handbrake Open Source DVD ConverterHandbrake – this product is great for adjusting the quality of videos. You can make MP4s smaller for iPhones or iPads.





Make MKV DVD ConverterMakeMKV – this product helps convert DVDs you own so you can play them on your devices without DVD players.





Open Source Utility Software

WinSCP - secure file transfer port 22WinSCP – this secure file program is great for moving files between servers.





PuTTY secure command terminalPuTTY – use this to access secure servers through the command line.





WinRAR Zip and Archive SoftwareWinRAR – use this software to zip and archive folders and files.