Entrepreneurship E-commerce

During the next few months, you will be studying what it takes to do business on the web. We will try to look at all facets of e-commerce, from content building to driving traffic to your site. We will look at cost structures and how to source products. The main focus of this course will be small business entrepreneurship, however, these principles can and will transfer to any size company.


How do I do well in this class?

The most important thing to doing well in this course is to take an active part in your learning. Come to class prepared, with questions. Work hard on your assignments.


What are the books recommended for this course?

There are five books recommended for this course. Each of them is short books found on Amazon Kindle. You can order them directly from Amazon.

  1. How to Write Great Blog Posts That Engage Readers by Steve Scott ($0.99)
  2. The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib ($2.99)
  3. E-Commerce Blueprint: The Step by Step Guide to Online Store Success by Rob Mabry ($6.99)
  4. SEO 2018: Learn Search Engine Optimization with Smart Internet Marketing Strategies by Adam Clarke ($7.99)
  5. Woocommerce User Manual for Beginners: Build your own ecommerce on WordPress by Michal Bradek ($7.95)


Do I need to set up a new business to be in this course?

No, it helps to have a good hobby or something you are good at. We will talk about different industries in this course and help come up with some ideas. Some students already have companies they want to work with. Others start a new company and keep working it after the course.  Some students even work out some ideas for friends and relatives. Again, the ideas we discuss in this class are relevant to all types of businesses.


Do we have a project in this course?

There is an overall project feel of this course. Over the semester you will complete a series of 5 assignments which altogether make up a final type project. All of these projects are related and build on each other. We will be using shopping cart software in this course. We will be adding products and content to the site, submitting the site to Google for indexing and analytics and creating some social networking sites to market our products.


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