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Finding light at the end of the graduation tunnel

    • Bryan Marshall, Georgia College
    • Peter Cardon, University of South Carolina
    • Tanya Goette, Georgia College
    • Natalya Goreva, Indiana University of Pennsylvania


    This paper identifies some key attributes Information System (IS) graduates should be aware of in their quest to find a job. In looking at over 330 job postings on and, we found that there are three things employers want in their new hires: education, certification, and experience. In this paper we develop a rationale for motivating IS students to graduate, take internships, and get certified.

    Keywords: Curriculum Development, Experience, Education, Certification, Information Systems

    APA Citation: Marshall, B., Cardon, P., Goette, T., and Goreva, N. (2007). Finding Light at the End of the Graduation Tunnel. Issues in Information Systems, 8(1), 59-64.