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IS professors’ perspectives on AI-assisted programming

    Issues in Information Systems

    • Kelsey Rose, Georgia College and State University
    • Victoria Massey, Georgia College and State University
    • Bryan Marshall, Georgia College and State University
    • Peter Cardon, University of Southern California
    APA Citation: Milner, A. E., Thomas, M., Kobbe, E., Fowler, B., Cardon, P., & Marshall, B. (2023). Fintech curricula: A survey of IS, accounting, and finance department chairs. Issues in Information Systems, 24(2), 220-231.


    With the rapid rise in generative AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT and SQL Query Builder, there has been an increased interest in how these programs play a role in academia, specifically in higher education. The goal of this research paper is to gain an understanding on how Computer Science (CS) and Information Systems (IS) professors view these new technologies, and how they perceive they will affect academia moving forward. A survey was conducted, whereby we wanted to gain an insight into how the sudden rise of AI chatbots, specifically ChatGPT and SQL Query Builder, were playing a part in academia, and where professors believe it will lead. Our findings are discussed, and the data collected from the responses is also displayed. Finally, we conclude with a discussion on what we believe should be future areas of research with regards to this topic, based on other questions that came about as a result of our research.

    Keywords: ChatGPT, SQL Query Builder, artificial intelligence, generative AI, AI-assisted programming