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AWS4: Common Linux Commands


Here is a comprehensive list of some great Linux commands that can be used on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) elastic compute servers.

ls — list current directory files and folders

cd — change directory – if you just do cd by itself you go to the user’s home directory

cd .. — go up a level “folder”, notice the space after the cd

cd / — go to the root or lowest level directory, again, notice the space after cd

mkdir — this makes a folder in the current location

chmod — change permissions

chown — change the owner of the file or folder

chgrp — change the group of the file or folder

cp — copy a file or folder (cp file1 /folder2/file1)

mv — move a file or folder (mv folder1/file1 folder2/file1)

pwd — present working directory

rm — removes the file / folder (DELETES)

rmdir — removes the specified EMPTY directory

touch — easiest way to create a new empty file