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MMIS 6296 – Database Management

    • Semester: Spring
    • Year: 2024
    • Course Title: Database Management
    • Course #: MMIS 6296
    • Instructor: Dr. Bryan Marshall
    • Office: ATK 306
    • E-Mail:
    • Office Hours: Online (email)
    • Class Time: Online 
    • Classroom: Online

    Catalog Description

    Management of data as a resource. Development of a conceptual framework to evaluate, select, acquire, install, and maintain commercial data base management packages for use in information systems. Data structures, data storage, data representation, data flow, data dictionaries, access methods, utilities, query languages, security backup, configuration control, distributed data bases, and future directions in data base management are explored.

    Course Objectives

    The broad goals in the course are three:

    1. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the elements of database management systems by building database management systems.
    2. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the managerial issues involved in database management by examination and presentations.
    3. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of data modeling techniques and their use with CASE tools through the actual design of database management systems.

    Required Text

    Database Design – 2nd Edition by Adrienne Watt

    We will be using ChatGPT for content. 

    Grading (1000 possible points)

    • 2 Exams (75 pts each) — 15% of grade
    • 5 Lynda Courses (50 pts each) — 25% of grade
    • 5 Assignments (50 pts each) — 25% of grade
    • 5 Notebooks (40 pts each) — 20% of grade
    • 1 Final Project (150 pts) — 15% of grade


    The class is available on GaView at . Students are held responsible for class information contained in GaView.