MMIS 6392 – Computer Security

Syllabus Audit Project Example Project


Catalog Description

Exposure to EDP procedures, standards and techniques, types of controls, data integrity, risk assessment, and expectations of the internal and external auditor in information systems auditing. Computer abuse, ethics, privacy, and security are emphasized. Legal considerations include contracts, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, warranties, product liability, software protection, and the role of regulatory agencies in information systems. Case studies will be used.

Course Outcomes

Students should be able to:
• Design audits of computer systems to ensure operational security and protection from attack.
• Oversee and monitor routine administration of the information security department.
• Coordinate with other departments to promote awareness and training on security protocols.
• Implement, monitor, and maintain policies and standards for information technology-related controls.

Grading (1180 points)

Labs (74 x 5) 370
Quizzes (82 x 5) 410
Security Pro Certification Exam 200
Security Audit Paper 200

Required Text

• LabSim (Security Pro Course SY0-401)

“Students can purchase LabSim direct at $102 per title by visiting and entering promotion code 14-232TA. They then select the titles they want and in the shopping cart will be required to enter their instructor’s name (Marshall, Bryan) and the school name will be required to be entered exactly as Georgia College & State University. They can then proceed to purchase LabSim through the shopping cart and will then receive instructions to gain access immediately online.”

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