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Obstacles to the adoption of cloud computing: Best practices in technology and communication.

    • Craig Callendar, Georgia College
    • Bryan Marshall, Georgia College
    • Peter W. Cardon, University of Southern California
    • Nipul Patel, Purdue University


    This paper details some of the obstacles to cloud computing that have been identified in recent literature, grouping organizational concerns into four categories, namely security, organizational resistance, performance, and lack of economic gains. Following an analysis of concerns, we recommend a set of best practices for cloud providers. Technological measures include identifying and addressing potential flaws in data security, drafting policies for data responsibility, and increasing server space and contracting with multiple Internet providers in order to improve performance. Communicative measures include communicating with all stakeholders in order to mitigate against organizational resistance and outlining security and performance mechanisms in place to potential adopters in order to assuage their concerns about adopting cloud solutions.

    Keywords: Cloud Computing, Technology Adoption, Change Communication

    APA Citation: Callender, C., Marshall, B., Cardon, P. W. & Patel, N. (2015). Obstacles to the Adoption of Cloud Computing: Best Practices in Technology and Communication. Issues in Information Systems, 16(2), 133-139.