PHP 01: Text Editors

So by far, my most favourite PHP editor is Atom by GitHub.

Atom by GitHub (Download Now)

If you are looking for a pretty good PHP editor that is free – Atom may be the way to go. There is a very good Lynda video on how to use Atom.

On Windows, you can add “packages” by going to File -> Settings -> then Install.

Some really good packages include:

project-manager – for easy access and switching between projects (required)

remote-ftp – enable browsing remote files (required)

atom-beautify – this takes the code and makes it look better with formatting

color-picker – obviously lets you use a gui to pick the colour you want.

highlight-selected – highlights the current word selected when double clicked

minimap – a preview of full source code on the left-hand side


Dreamweaver CC 2017 (on Thundercloud)

This software is already in all the labs. It is also very good when working in teams. You can also use this software when you log into Thundercloud.

Sublime 3 (run from USB drive)

Step 1. Get a jump drive.

Step 2. Download the Sublime 3 portable

Step 3. Extract the Sublime package and copy the files to your folder USB:\sublime

Step 4. Create a new folder called USB:\projects

Step 5. Copy your existing projects to the folder USB:\projects 

Step 6. Run the sublime_text.exe file from the jump drive.

Step 7. Install the Package Installer and SFTP packages from Tools – Command Palette

Step 8. Restart sublime_text.exe

Step 9. Open your project folder and save it as a project – Project – Save Project As

Step 10. Setup your sftp-config.json file to upload your files to siteground – SFTP- Map Remote

Step 11. Change the “DocumentRoot” and <DirectoryRoot> to point to your USB drive from XAMPP for local testing.

Notepad++ (Download Now)

You might not find this in all the labs. This has pretty good support for PHP, however, Atom is better.

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