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Scrum Meetings (06)

    There are five main meetings in Scrum.

    Scrum Meetings

    1. Sprint Planning

    Attended by the scrum master, product owner, and development team. Outside stakeholders may attend by invitation (rare). The two defined artifacts coming out of this meeting are the sprint goal and sprint backlog. During this meeting, the product owner describes the highest priority items in the product backlog.

    2. Daily Scrum

    Think of this as your morning coffee…you have to have it at the start of every day to be effective. The Daily Scrum is a brief daily meeting where the entire team meets to discuss what they worked on during the previous day, what they plan to do today and any obstacles that are hindering them or the team from meeting the Sprint goal. This meeting should last no longer than 15 minutes.

    3. Sprint Review

    Think of this as the “Show it off” meeting. This meeting is open to anyone: the team, Product Owner, Scrum Master, stakeholders, management, customers, etc. The team demonstrates to the attendees a working product of what they were able to complete during the Sprint. The team must only demonstrate items that meet the “definition of done”. Typically this meeting is intentionally kept informal. Did the achieve the overall “goal of the sprint”? FOCUS ON PRODUCT

    4. Sprint Retrospective

    The sprint retrospective meeting follows the sprint review meeting. The team will review the parts of the scrum process that went right, wrong, and what could have gone better. It is a chance for the team to learn from both their mistakes and successes in hopes of using that information to improve future sprints and projects. FOCUS ON PROCESS

    5. Backlog Refinement Meeting

    Think of the backlog as the roadmap of the project. As the team collaborates to create a list of everything that needs to be built or done for project completion, this list can be modified and added to throughout the project to ensure that all of the necessary needs of the project are met.