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Security at the edge: Rethinking security in light of web services

    • Richard Swart (student), Utah State University
    • Bryan Marshall (student), Utah State University
    • Matthew Harris (student), Utah State University
    • Karen Forcht, Utah State University
    • David Olsen, Utah State University


    Web Services technology is gaining prominence in industry and is displacing established standards such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI for B2B transactions). The highly distributed nature of Web Services, and the tight tie between the network and application layers, creates new vulnerabilities requiring Information Security professionals to re-evaluate their network and application security planning. This paper reviews Web Services technologies, challenges to their implementation, demonstrates nine ways that traditional assumptions regarding security are inapplicable to Web Services, and suggests possible solutions to these problems.

    Keywords: Network Security, Web Services, Web Application Security, Security Architecture, IS technologies, Enterprise Resource Planning

    APA Citation: Swart, R., Forcht, K, Olsen, D., Marshall , B. & Harris, M. (2005). Security at the Edge: Rethinking Security in Light of Web Services. Issues in Information Systems. 6(2).