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Towards full integration of XML and advanced database concepts

    • David Olsen, Utah State University
    • Vance Cooney, Eastern Washington University
    • Bryan Marshall (student), Utah State University
    • Richard Swart (student), Utah State University


    Most advanced database systems courses focus on core aspects of relational design, data modeling, transaction processing, and distributed database issues. Given the ever increasing importance of web enabled databases generally but particularly the influence of XML (eXtensible Markup Language), an alternative approach would be to teach the traditional core principles while integrating an XML module into the course. The focus of this paper is to elaborate on how such an integration would be accomplished in an advanced database course.

    Keywords: XML, database, relational design, data modeling, transaction processing

    APA Citation: Olsen, D., Marshall, B., Swart, B., Cooney, V. (2005). Towards Full Integration of XML and Advanced Database Concepts. Review of Business Information Systems. 9(4).