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Using WEBEX in a web application programming course

    • Natalya Goreva, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    • Michael Yudelson, University of Pittsburgh
    • Bryan Marshall, Georgia College


    Using examples of programming code is a key element in learning how to program. Instructors frequently add comments in the lines of code in order to explain code. This method is effective; however, it has serious complications: first, the code is not
    “flexible”, i.e. each student has to view all comments at once, even if he or she does not need all of them. This is especially true for large and complicated programming projects. Second, the size of comments, though technically not limited, can be an issue because long comments on multiple lines of code prevent students from having a clear picture of the code. The projects in a intermediate business programming class have both limitations: they include thousands of lines of complicated code, multiple sections and dozens of web pages. The objective of this research project is to apply the method of web-based learning to overcome the limitations of comment-based code learning. The interactive web system WebEx, introduced in one of the business application programming classes, is an example of interactive web-based learning systems that provides example-based code learning, and can be personalized by each student based on her or his individual learning pace.

    Keywords: MIS Education, Web-Based Learning, VB.NET, Business Programming, WebEx

    APA Citation: Goreva, N., Yudelson, M., and Marshall, B. (2007). Using WEBEX in a Web Application Programming Course. Issues in Information Systems 8(1), 52-57.